MelanO is a Dutch brand of contemporary jewellery. MelanO offers a wide variety of interchangeable coloured elements in its jewellery. This interchangeability gives each piece its own unique character, and allows you to adapt it to suit your mood and look.

At we have the collections Twisted, Vivid and Friends.


City chique pur sang. For strong personalities with a twist. Stylish rotating shapes are reinforced by an endless range of brilliant Meddy’s. With colours that vary from subdued to exuberant. And with a wide range of materials and stimulating icons. Twisted is mix and match. And Twisted is more. Much more.


Worldly jewellery with frivolous and provocative colours. Lively eyecatchers to combine with the latest fashion. Whether you want to go to the beach, or enjoy the nightlife. Vivid will accompany you wherever you go.


The name says it all. These luxury jewellery items fancy to be combined with other jewellery. With the necklace as the benchmark and perfect basis to dazzle. Friends coexist by the grace of contrast. Elegant. Bold. Timeless, yet contemporary. And – especially – less is more. Or was it the other way around?!

MelanO makes use of various luxury materials for the design and manufacture of its jewellery. We are happy to inform you about the qualities of these materials.


In many of our collections, we make use of contemporary stainless steel. This high-grade surgical steel is 100% allergy-free. Thanks to its hardness, it is highly scratchproof and corrosion-resistant. And is almost impossible to deform. Stainless steel is an alloy comprising a number of elements, including chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and manganese. The alloy is such that any release of nickel remains well within the maximum allowable standard. The material is stylish and will not discolour. Take care, however: some of our stainless steel items are provided with a gold, rose gold, black or brown PVD plating. This provides an integrated discolouration to the item. Despite the high quality of the plating, this surface may be affected by chemicals, perfume, lotions, and body acids. MelanO gives a three-month warranty on the plating of jewellery, provided the warranty conditions are met.


Ceramic is a hard, scratchproof and wear-resistant material made of a metal-oxide powder and baked at very high temperatures. A limited ceramic colour palette will withstand these high temperatures; most colours will burn during the process. The heating process will, however, ensure that the jewellery items are highly impact-resistant. Ceramic will quickly absorb body heat in a pleasant way. Moreover, it has an exclusive and luxurious look.


A zirkonia is a synthetic diamond, with qualities approaching those of a diamond - such as clarity, sparkle and hardness - yet it is very affordable and, therefore, more accessible. It has proved to be a fully-fledged replacement with a brilliance that comes very close to the real thing.


Epoxy resin may be used in transparent form or in various colours. Resin can be manufactured using a wide range of colours, which is why it has proved valuable to the colourful MelanO collection.